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June 05-07,2025 | Hybrid Event

June 05 -07, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Heart Congress 2024

VPexam in heart failure innovating virtual cardiac care

James V Cireddu , Speaker at Heart Conferences
Case Western University, United States
Title : VPexam in heart failure innovating virtual cardiac care


Telehealth is a growing field of importance, but the loss of comprehensive physical exam data creates barriers to managing complex heart failure patients.  Innovative digital tools such as VPExam Virtual Care combine augmented reality guidance of video acquisitions with Bluetooth stethoscopes and single lead ECG to improve diagnostic accuracy by assessing volume status, cardiopulmonary auscultation, detection of arrythmias, and providing structured data including vitals, medication reconciliation, and labs.  VPExam intervention has been shown to significantly improve the outcomes of high-risk heart failure patients discharged to Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Care.  VPExam QI revealed timely reliable cardiology consultation for follow up of heart failure hospitalization and urgent consultations created moderate significance modification in clinical management in 84% of encounters, while being associated with a 40% relative risk reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rate and a 56% relative risk reduction in 30-day mortality rate.  This abstract summarizes challenges to cardiac transitions of care as well as the evolution of cardiac virtual care with actionable physical exam data to reduce readmissions and mortality.

Audience Take Away

  • Learn about advances in virtual care and augmented reality for heart failure management.
  • Develop decentralized heart failure management programs for home care and skilled nursing facilities.
  • VPExam research can expand research and teaching of physical examination data in academic medical centers.
  • VPExam Virtual Care is a practical solution to expanding guideline directed medical therapy for heart failure patients.
  • VPExam improves the accuracy and provides new information to assist in optimal cardiac care to underserved communities.


James V Cireddu MD, FACC is Medical Director of Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute of University Hospitals of Cleveland Regional Medical Centers and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.  He is an invasive cardiologist, physician scientist, and founder of TeleHealth Care Solutions developing innovative virtual care tools. Dr. Cireddu has received several National Science Foundation grants to fund development and research on VPExam Virtual Care