HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.

2nd Edition of International Heart Congress

June 20-22,2024 | Hybrid Event

June 20 -22, 2024 | Paris, France

Testimonials / Reviews

Magnus Group Conferences Reveiws
Catalysis Conference 2018 | Rome, Italy
Plant Science Conference 2017 | Valencia, Spain
Pharma Conference 2017 | Valencia, Spain
Plant Science Conference 2018 | Rome, Italy
Pharma Conference 2018 | Rome, Italy
Heart conferences Joao Rafael Rocha Da Silva Connect Life Rehabilitation And Performance, Brazil

The congress was a very interesting experience and being able to present my work to several researchers from different countries was very important and rewarding. 


Cardiology Conferences Leslie Rodriguez Johnson & Johnson, USA

Thank you very much. The conference was very well executed. The facilitator did a great job. 

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute, Australia

" The collection of people in the conference was amazing and magnificent event, I will be there for next event."

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Lucia Carvelli Florida Atlantic University, USA

" Had an very excited, interesting and loaded experience."

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Joe E. Springer University of Kentucky, USA

" I had a wonderful time at the conference, and have made some new friends/collaborators as well!"

Cardiology Conferences 2020 El Hassane Larhrib University of Huddersfield, UK

" It was an excellent conference and wonderful experience."

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Dionysios (Dion) D. Dionysiou University of Cincinnati, USA

" The conference was great and attendance was good until the last presentation. I learned some new areas from them. The organization was great."

Cardiovascular Conference Namitha Aravind Baliga Manipal University, India

You really made my day. Those wonderful words as well as the beautiful certificate of recognition! Really it will add on my career. I look forward for more opportunities. And I appreciate your humble response throughout. Thank you!

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Mahmoud Khodari South Valley University, Egypt

" It was very great conference."

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Mohamed El-far Mansoura University, Egypt

" Greetings and thanks to you. You done very well and we have had excellent success."

Cardiology Conferences 2020 Kenichi Komura Gifu University, Japan

" I learned a lot from the meeting. I enjoyed the Conference and visiting at Las Vegas."