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The clinical profile of myocardial bridge, a study of 25 cases from India

Nidhish Niranjan Nisty, Speaker at Cardiovascular Diseases Events
Nisty Heart Centre, India
Title : The clinical profile of myocardial bridge, a study of 25 cases from India


Introduction: Myocardial bridging is congenital coronary anomaly in which a segment of an epicardial coronary artery takes a tunnelled course under a bridge of the myocardium. This segment is compressed during systole, resulting in the so-called “milking effect” at coronary angiography. The left anterior descending (LAD) is the most commonly involved artery. Porstmann and Iwig were the first to demonstrate this effect while carrying out coronary angiography (CAG) in 1960. 
Methodology: The aim of this study was mostly to assess the profile of patients with the Myocardial Bridge on coronary angiography and to evaluate its association with atherosclerosis and other conditions in the coronary artery at our centre located in Kalaburagi, India. In this study, evaluation was done of the angiographic reports of the patients, and the prevalence of Myocardial bridge was studied in details with the various association. 
Results: Out of all 25 patients, 84% (21 patients) were males, and 16% (04 patients) were females. Among all the mean age of the patients having Myocardial bridge was 48.96 years. All the patients had chest pain as common sympotom.16% (04 patients) had diabetes and hypertension, and 20% (05 patients) were found to be smoker. Troponin I levels were elevated in 20% (05 patients) All the patients had Myocardial bridge in LAD artery.24% (06 patients) were associated with acute coronary syndromes, another 24% (06 patients) were associated with plaquing and 28% (07 patients) had flow limiting stenosis in coronary arteries. 08% (02 patients) had slow flow associated in LAD and RCA coronary artery. 
Conclusion: Myocardial Bridge is an incidental finding on coronary angiogram and which can affect the quality life of a individual and can cause adverse cardiac events rarely. Prompt and early diagnosis could be beneficial for improving quality of life of an individual and occasionally mimic with acute coronary syndromes. 

Audience Take Away

  • Audience will know about the clinical profile of Myocardial bridging
  • Audience will know the differential diagnosis of Myocardial bridging which could even be acute coronary syndrome
  • Myocardial bridging is a less studied and yet a common phenomenon in field of cardiology


Dr Nidhish Nisty is consultant Physician and Administrator at Nisty Heart Centre, Kalaburagi. Studied MBBS and M.D Internal Medicine at MRMC, Kalaburagi. He has secured highest grades at college in Internal Medicine and has been awarded gold medal in MBBS. He is also co-author for many abstracts which were selected at EuroPCR at paris 2020 during his post-graduation and also at IHC Japan 2023.He has also various presented posters in India. He has travelled to 10 countries.