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June 20 -22, 2024 | Paris, France
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Precision medicine for a personalized care in dyslipidaemia

Syed Raza, Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference
Awali Hospital, Bahrain
Title : Precision medicine for a personalized care in dyslipidaemia


Dyslipidaemia comprises  of abnormal lipid components  and  refers mainly to  increased levels of  LDL, non HDL particles and triglycerides while  decreased  levels of HDL Dyslipidaemia is a  common and independent  modifiable risk factor for  cardiovascular disease. Besides  quantitative  measurement,  qualitative  assessment  of  these  components is   also essential and therefore particles like Lipoprotein (a)  and Apo-B should be taken into  account.

Unlike  in  the  past  where  dyslipidaemia   was treated mainly  based  on  their  quantitative levels, there  is  a  paradigm shift in providing  a  more  personalized care  to  patients. This  is based on assessment  of  cardiovascular  risk of individual patient  which  allows  choosing the  right strategy  of  therapy for them.  This  would  include  using  the  right intensity statin therapy in  the  correct  dose for  a  category or  level  of  cardiovascular  risk. In  addition, there is  now  more  emphasis on making  use of  other  lipid  lowering  drugs  like Ezetimibe, PCSK-9 Inhibitor, Fibrates  and Omega 3  Fatty Acid. Adoption of  these  strategies  are  based  on  evidence derived  from  several  well  designed  randomized  control  trials that  have  shown  to  lead to better  cardiovascular  outcome.

It  is  therefore  vital  that  clinicians  are  aware  of  this  concept  of  precision Medicine so  that  prescription for  managing  dyslipidaemia  is  more  cost  effective and lifesaving.


Dr Syed  Raza  graduated from Aligarh University in India  in 1993. After completing his postgraduate degree in Medicine from the same university, he moved to the UK for higher specialist studies. He successfully completed MRCP and CCT and later also  awarded Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (FRCP ). He was awarded Professor John Goodwin prize for outstanding performance in Diploma Cardiology exam  at Hammersmith Hospital, University of London in 2001.  Dr  Raza  is  Fellow  of  American  College  of  Cardiology and American  College  of  Chest  Physicoans. He is also Fellow  of  European  Society  of  Cardiology and Fellow of European Society of Cardiovascular Imaging. He  is  also  on  the  committee  of  Acute  Cardiovascular  Care.  Heart  Failure  and  Cardiovascular  Imaging (European  Society of  Cardiology).

He is currently  working as Consultant  Cardiologist and Head of the department of Medicine  at Awali Hospital, Bahrain. Dr Raza is  a board member of the Hospital Excecutive Committee. He  also chairs  the  Resuscitation  committee  and Privileging and Credentialing Committee. Prior to this he worked as  consultant in Cardiology at  Mid Cheshire  Hospitals, NHS trust, United  Kingdom. He is the regional educational coordinator for RCP Edinburgh  and examiner for  MRCP  exam for the Royal College of Physicians of UK. He has partipcpated in some well known trials and reasearch. He has to his credit  numerous publications and he has presented his scietific work in  different parts of the world. He is peer review author for some well respected International  journals. He is permanent  Review author for abstracts for European Society of Cardiology Annual Congress.

He is on the  editorial board of  International Journal of Endovasculat Treatment and Innovative Techniques. Dr Raza  is  a  teaching  faculty member  for  Healthcare  Management  and  Leadership at  Westford University, Dubai  campus. He is certified  American Board in Medical  Quality. Dr Raza frequently  organises  a  number  of  seminars, webinars, symposia  and  workshop  on various  healthcare, quality and  safety  topics. Dr  Raza  has  led  the  first  awareness  campaign in Heart Failure in the  Middle East  in 2017. He is  chairman  of  BAPCO's   health  promotion unit. His  special interests are Cardiovascular Imaging, Heart Failure and Acute Cardiovascular Care. He is  founder and chairman  of  Raza   Foundations  which  works  for  educating  and  increasing  awareness on various  health related  topics  amongst the  general  public  as  well  as  provide  free  healthcare  services to  poor  as  one  of  the  charity  initiatives.