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June 05-07,2025 | Hybrid Event

June 05 -07, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Heart Congress 2024

Innovative strategies in cardiovascular medicine: Enhancing spearhead excellence of new molecular entities

Dae Wook Lee, Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference
Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Korea, Republic of
Title : Innovative strategies in cardiovascular medicine: Enhancing spearhead excellence of new molecular entities


In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the role of Medical Affairs (MA) is increasingly pivotal in the successful launch of new molecular entities (NMEs). This abstract delves into the innovative approaches that are revolutionizing MA, specifically focusing on how these advancements contribute to launch excellence. The integration of cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies has emerged as a cornerstone in modernizing MA functions, thereby significantly impacting the launch trajectory of NMEs. Firstly, the advent of digital platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way MA engages with key stakeholders. AI-driven tools facilitate the analysis of large datasets, enabling MA teams to derive actionable insights regarding healthcare trends, patient needs, and prescriber behaviors. This data-centric approach ensures that MA activities are strategically aligned with market dynamics and stakeholder expectations, thereby optimizing the launch process. Secondly, the use of advanced analytics in MA has enhanced evidence generation and dissemination. Real-world evidence (RWE) and big data analytics allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the drug's performance in real-world settings, thus providing robust evidence to support the value proposition of the NME. This evidence is crucial for payers, healthcare providers, and patients, influencing their decision-making processes and adoption rates. Moreover, the application of digital health tools in MA has revolutionized scientific communication and engagement strategies. Virtual platforms enable MA teams to disseminate scientific information more efficiently, facilitate peer-to-peer interactions, and provide continuous medical education. These digital engagements ensure broader reach and deeper impact, crucial for building trust and credibility among the medical community during the NME launch phase. In conclusion, the innovative modernization of Medical Affairs is a key driver in elevating the launch excellence of new molecular entities. By leveraging AI, advanced analytics, and digital health technologies, MA can effectively navigate the complexities of the healthcare environment, ensuring that NMEs are launched with maximum impact and success. 

Audience Take Away

  • Provide comprehensive overview on genomic landscape in Cardiology
  • Innovative Medicine with latest Research in Cardiology
  • Sharing of advancement of future new indications for drug discovery using A.I. and digital technology 


Dr. Dae Wook Lee is a Medical Director of Novartis Korea in Cardiology, Renal, Metabolism, and Gene Therapy. He was Head of Medical Portfolio Management in Rare disease, Gastroenterology, PDT, Neuroscience and New Molecular entities from the Asia-Pacific Region of Takeda Pharmaceutical Ltd Pte. Dae Wook Lee obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Warwick, U.K. awarded MbChB Medicine & Surgery, and completed MSC Genetic Epidemiology at the Medical Research Unit in the University of Sheffield, U.K with an additional BSc Biomedical Science degree. He also holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) for Harris College of Business, Faulkner University in North Alabama in U.S. Dae Wook received the Best Research Award in the International Research Awards of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine in 2022.