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June 05-07,2025 | Hybrid Event

June 05 -07, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Heart Congress 2024

Factors that impact adherence to physical exercise in individuals with chronic pain

Joao Rafael Rocha Da Silva, Speaker at Heart Conferences
Connect Life Rehabilitation And Performance, Brazil
Title : Factors that impact adherence to physical exercise in individuals with chronic pain


Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain for more than three months and can be classified as primary with no known etiology, or secondary pertinent to a pathological process and specific clinical diagnosis.In previous studies, we observed that it directly impacts cardiac rehabilitation, and adherence to physical exercise, significantly increasing disability and mortality in the population.We also observed that individuals with chronic pain present patterns of changes in motor control and kinesiophobia, with chronic low back pain and knee osteoarthritis being the most frequent causes of disability, directly impacting adherence to physical exercise.Despite the high relevance of studies that address the topic of motor control, its understanding in clinical practice still appears to be unclear. Experienced authors recently published a model for evaluating and optimizing motor control for individuals with chronic pain, demonstrating a variety of neurofunctional and musculoskeletal changes, which should be considered when inserting rehabilitation protocols for these individuals.The literature is abundant in studies that seek to understand which are the best exercises for treating Pain, but inconsistent as to which modality is best, which is why we seek to understand and first define what are the factors that impact these individuals' adherence to exercise.

Audience Take Away 

Explain how the audience will be able to use what they learn?
Know how to evaluate and understand dysfunctional changes in motor control in individuals with chronic pain. 
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Chronic low back pain and knee osteoarthritis is a common pathology in clinical practice and directly impacts the rehabilitation of these patients. 
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Yes, certainly.
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Yes, certainly.
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Yes, certainly.


Physical Therapist João Rafael Rocha da Silva, Postgraduate Degree in Sports Rehabilitation Sports Orthopedics and Traumatology CETE Federal University of São Paulo, Improvement in Pain Assessment and Interdisciplinary Treatment Hospital das Clinicas, USP Medical School.Published two works in 2022 "Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Pain" Revista Neuro Ciencias and "Assessment of the Transversus Abdominal Muscle in Individuals with Pain" Med Crave Neurology Journal, Scientific Reviewer.