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3rd Edition of International Heart Congress

June 05-07,2025 | Hybrid Event

June 05 -07, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Heart Congress 2024

An update on optimisation of cardiovascular health in pregnancy

Eesha Wahid, Speaker at Heart Conferences
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Title : An update on optimisation of cardiovascular health in pregnancy


Increased physiological demands coupled with haemodynamic changes occurring during pregnancy pose a unique and significant challenge to the cardiovascular system.  Pregnant women are at risk of suffering from the exacerbation of pre-existing cardiovascular disease (CVD) as well as the precipitation of new cardiac events. Historically, pregnant women have been vulnerable to undertreatment due to perceived fear of harm to the foetus and the lack of evidence-based treatment guidelines leading to uncertainty and conservative treatment choices by healthcare providers. The presentation aims to review current practice, highlight gaps in knowledge, as well as to propose strategies that will improve outcomes for the obstetric population with CVD.Targeted protocols for the optimal management of specific conditions such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure during pregnancy will also be discussed. Our key findings emphasise the benefits of early risk stratification and personalised care plans with precise medical management. A comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach is of critical importance which incorporates patient education, lifestyle modifications and navigating psychosocial stressors to optimise care. 

Audience Take Away 
• The findings can be used to guide evidence-based clinical practices
• Identification and understanding of the risk factors can lead to better risk assessment and early    intervention therefore having a direct impact on patient outcomes 
•  Highlight areas for further research  
•  Provide an opportunity for active discussion and increase advocacy for maternal and foetal health


Eesha Wahid is a medical student in her penultimate year of studies at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Alongside engaging with her clinical rotations and studies, she is passionate about getting involved in research opportunities and aspires to help bridge the gap between medical science and patient care.