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The study of cardiac troponin I in ST segment elevation myocardial infarction and its complications

Nidhish Niranjan Nisty, Speaker at Cardiovascular Diseases Events
Nisty Heart Centre, India
Title : The study of cardiac troponin I in ST segment elevation myocardial infarction and its complications


A flawless and prompt approach is required to manage patients with STEMI and its course especially its complications. Many studies earlier have suggested cardiac troponins like troponin I levels are elevated in STEMI and are directly proportional to prognosis of course of the disease. Present study was performed to study the prognostic and diagnostic significance of cardiac troponin I in ST elevation and its complications. It was also to study the quantitative corelation of cardiac troponin I with ST elevation MI and its complications.

Fifty cases were studied from November 2018 to May 2020.
Cases diagnosed to have of ST elevation MI as per AHA/ESC/ACC guidelines within 6 hours onset of symptoms. All the patients were examined and investigated according the proforma. They   received treatment as per AHA/ESC/ACC guidelines. During hospital stay, they were observed for predefined complications.

Among the fifty cases, mean age ? SD in the study group was 53.76±11.03 years and ranged from 22 to 70 years. Male patients 36(72%) outnumbered the female patients 14 (28%) and Male: Female ratio is 2.51:1. Most common symptom was chest pain (100%) followed by sweating (34%) and pain radiating to arm (34%).
 Major risk factors were cigarette smoking (62%), Diabetes Mellitus (42%), hypertension (32%). AWMI was more common with 70% of patients and 30% were IWMI. Tenecteplase 30mg was most used as thrombolytic agent administered to 70% of patients. In these patients 92% of them had elevated Cardiac Troponin-I levels and 8% had normal Troponin –I levels. Among these with elevated Troponin-I levels 44% of the patients experienced complications. Most common complications being arrhythmia 45.46% and next being the heart failure 40.9%. Mortality in the study is 6%.

Cardiac Troponin-I is a reliable diagnostic as well as prognostic indicator in patients with STEMI.
The magnitude of Cardiac Troponin-I levels is directly proportional to myocardial damage and adverse course of STEMI including its complications and mortality.

Take home message

  • Audience can learn about Troponin I diagnostic and prognostic importance
  • They’ll also learn about the clinical profile of 50 patients of STEMI and its complications


Dr Nidhish Nisty is consultant Physician and Administrator at Nisty Heart Centre, Kalaburagi. Studied MBBS and M.D Internal Medicine at MRMC, Kalaburagi. He has secured highest grades at college in Internal Medicine and has been awarded gold medal in MBBS. He is also co-author for many abstracts which were selected at EuroPCR at paris 2020 during his post-graduation and also at IHC Japan 2023.He has also various presented posters in India. He has travelled to 10 countries.