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3rd Edition of International Heart Congress

June 05-07,2025 | Hybrid Event

June 05 -07, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Heart Congress 2023

Cardiometry: A new fundamental scientific field in cardiology

Mikhail Rudenko, Speaker at Cardiology Conferences
Russian New University, Russian Federation
Title : Cardiometry: A new fundamental scientific field in cardiology


Listeners will learn about a fundamental discovery of a new blood flow mode with low friction due to structuring the flow in each cardiac cycle in the form of alternating rings of blood cells and plasma, which is accurately described mathematically by the authors. This radically changed the paradigm of knowledge about the cardiovascular system. New opportunities for highly efficient non-invasive cardiac diagnostics appeared. It became possible to measure the blood volume and heart muscle metabolism and qualitatively assess the relationship between heart and central nervous system only with the help of an electrocardiogram in each cardiac cycle.

Discovery allowed creating a new theory of cardiac cycle phase analysis and, for the first time after V. Einthoven, introducing a new symbol on the ECG point L, that is the beginning of rapid ejection phase. That is just the phase structure of the cardiac cycle that creates and supports hemodynamics.

The results of the fundamental research allowed the authors to create a new field of science, cardiometry, science of accurate measurements in cardiology. It is based on revealed laws and created axiomatics for proving the studied phenomena compliance with the truth and broad practical use of serial electrocardiographs based on information technologies. This allowed to attribute cardiometry to the natural science field for the first time.

The report will acquaint listeners with the real commercially manufactured unique devices non-invasive diagnostics and therapy, in which the cardiometry theory is implemented.

Practicing cardiologists will learn about the cardiometry opportunities to significantly improve the quality of their work. It reveals the possibility of new topics for doing research.


Graduated from the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute in 1979. After graduation engaged in biophysics. Defended the thesis. Established several major private educational institutions. Made 9 fundamental scientific discoveries in the field of cardiology. Founded a new fundamental field of science, cardiometry. Developed the theory of cardiac cycle phase analysis. 1980-1999 led the development of a unique set of diagnostic equipment for assessing the human operator health state in the conditions of space flight on reusable spacecraft "Buran". Since 2000 supervised the development of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment of wide application on the basis of theory of cardiometry. Now conducts research on the following topics: hemodynamics, neurocardiometry, heart muscle metabolism, adaptation reactions of the organism, heart expectancy.