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Cardio oncology: Understanding, detecting, monitoring and treating the cardiovascular diseases during and after the cancer treatment

Nikita Goyal, Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference
Cardiomersion, India
Title : Cardio oncology: Understanding, detecting, monitoring and treating the cardiovascular diseases during and after the cancer treatment


Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in US1, 2. With the recent advances in cancer therapies there is significant reduction in cancer related mortality of patients. These effective treatment options have decreased the cancer related mortality; however, they significantly increase the risk of short and long term co-morbidities, precisely the cardiovascular complications impairing the quality of life of the cancer survivors along with an increase in the mortality rate. It is also worth mentioning that these two conditions also share combined risk factors which further strengthen their co-association. A new disciplinary approach “cardio oncology” has thus evolved to address the cardiovascular needs of cancer patients and manage these patients through a multidisciplinary approach. Certain studies have been carried out in the past determining the cardiotoxicity of chemotherapeutic agents, risk of cardiac patients developing cancerous diseases or significance of lifestyle changes in the cancer patients. The source of this review paper is from the JACC: cardio oncology, pubmed searches using key words like: cardio oncology, cardiotoxic chemotherapy, cardiac risk factors, cardiac monitoring, cancer patients with cardiac comorbidities.


Audience Take Away Notes


  • Elaborates on the cancer management options with significant cardiotoxicity and alternatives to combat the risk factors while treating cancer patients
  • Doctors can use this information while treating the cancer patients by recognizing and significantly reducing the cardiovascular comorbidities hence improving the patients quality of life
  • This research can be used by cardiologist and oncologist to elaborate on the extent of association and finding out alternatives to these cardiotoxic treatment lines
  • It is designed to promote an integrated approach between oncologist and cardiologist in managing the cancer patients effectively even before they show symptomatic cardiovascular diseases thus preventing the permanent damage to the heart and vessels. This will add on to the advanced treatment guidelines of cancer improving their design
  • With the help of this review journal we aim to screen the cancer patients who are at higher risk of developing the cardiac comorbidities as some structural damages through therapy can be reversed if picked up earlier during the treatment. It points our
  • attention towards the significant cardiac co morbidities of cancer patients which have increased the 5 year mortality