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“Alarming rise of prehypertension and hypertension in obese adolescent children.”

Sunil Natha Mhakse, Speaker at Heart Conferences
Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Medical College and Hospital, India
Title : “Alarming rise of prehypertension and hypertension in obese adolescent children.”


Adolescence is a very important period of growth and development with major physical, Psychological and metabolic changes occurring in child during which many adult life patterns are formed. Adolescent Prehypertension and hypertension are an important public health issue with an increasing prevalence, especially in the developed countries because of the increasing BMI in adolescent children. Many studies have shown that Prehypertension and hypertension during adolescence is significant independent risk factor for future cardiac and renal complications.
Unfortunately, most of the lifestyle adopted by adolescent children are really dangerous to their health and well-being. Children in today's world have more sedentary lifestyle because of social media, mobile, television along with stress and strain of competition, academic excellence, has major impact related to childhood obesity. This is a provoking factor for raised blood pressure in children. Diet has an important
role in increasing blood pressure by way of increased sodium and decreased potassium content of food ingredients.

World Health Organization had described overweight-obesity and Prehypertension-hypertension as major public health problems which are going to become as a global epidemic. Obesity in child is rapidly emerging as a global epidemic which has a great impact on public health. Pre-hypertension and hypertension are one of the many comorbidities of childhood obesity. Obese children are at approximately a three-fold higher risk for Pre-hypertension and hypertension than non-obese children. The risk of pre-hypertension and hypertension rises with body mass index (BMI).
Urbanization has caused changes in industries and economy leading to expansion of cities which significantly affected many aspects of a people’s life. Recent data had shown significant impact of urbanization on childhood physical activity, sedentary behaviors and diet in all over the world.
Being overweight and obesity are the prevalent dietary disorders in adolescents in all over the world. Currently, in India, there is also a sharp rise in the number of children and adolescents with obesity. Children with more BMI have a greater chance of overweight adolescents and obese adults as compared to child having normal BMI. The severity of obesity and age of onset affects the likelihood of persistence of obesity into adulthood and thus entrainment of obesity-induced morbidities like prehypertension and hypertension. The risk of Pre-hypertension and hypertension is threefold more in children and adolescents with obesity.

Audience takeaway: 

  •  In today’s world adolescents are very prone for stress oriented complications including obesity and hypertension.
  •  In Paediatrician clinic every child will be screened for blood pressure so undiagnosed cases will be diagnosed and treated at proper time.
  • Yes this research will offer other faculty to expand their research or teaching.This will provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient.
  • Yes it will improve the accuracy of a design and provide new information to assist in a design problem.
  • Other benefits:
  • - Screening of adolescents for prehypertension and hypertension.
  • - Early diagnosis and treatment of raised blood pressure.
  • - It will reduce the burden of disease morbidity on society.


Dr.Sunil Natha Mhaske is a Professor in Paediatrics with 25 yrs of teaching experience to MBBS and Postgraduate students. He had also administrative experience. He is more interested in adolescence and research. He had more than 200 research publications,10 patents published in intellectual property of India and authored 13 books of Paediatrics. He has delivered more than 30 lectures in various Paediatrics conferences. His online lectures are available on youtube.He had Ph.D.thesis on Adolescent Prehypertension. For his academic contribution, he is honored with “Best teacher award and best of best teacher awarded by our parent university.